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My name is Adil [Uh-deal]

I've been drawing since I was young, just like any other child who picked up a crayon, but the turning point for me that truly lead me down this path was my diagnosis of Leukemia in 2013. In the hospital, I would find nothing to do but wait for my body to recover and draw. That is where I found my passion for art, a drive to create illustrious pieces of work; and this is where it has led me.



The meaning of my logo is quite simple, it's just my name Adil, characterized in Japanese katakana.


= a      = de     = i     = ru

My inspiration behind it came from Japanese Hanko stamps, which were typically used as signatures or seals on documents or pieces of art. 


Japanese works of art played a large role in my upbringing in art, from shows to music, and the likes. It made sense to me for my logo to pay tribute to that of which brought me to where I am today.

I also thought it looked cool, but don't tell anyone that.

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